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Bharatii k Dubey

Jun 14, 2020

Mumbai, India

Planning to resume shooting?

Bharatii k Dubey

Make sure to follow the protocols set by the government, The Maharashtra government has given a green signal for the media and entertainment industry to resume their film and television shooting, but with certain mandatory riders.

Pregnant employee and children below the age of 10 will also not be allowed to work on the set. All units are expected to maintain a co-morbidity data. The guidelines have some more suggestions, which include...

Crew attendance
The government has focused on educating, empowering and sensitising partners and employees on preventive measures to be taken on film and TV sets. One of the most important points made in the guidelines is that only 33 per cent of the crew will be on the set, this applied to offices too. It also makes a mention to identify the activities that can be conducted remotely.

Production things to do
The production sector of any unit should preferably have large tents with portable air-conditioning and not more than five people in trailers. It is better to keep windows and doors open to increase ventilation. All the light switches and remote control need to be sanitised from time to time.

Mandatory health check on set
When it comes to health, the unit should ensure to have an oximeter on the set to check oxygen saturation level in the body. All suspected cases should be reported to local authorities and signed declarations by those on the sets with their name,age and contact details. It will be a daily routine on sets. It's imperative for those who come in close contact with actors during a shoot to wear masks and face shields.There should be open call time so that there is no crowding on sets and social distancing is maintained.
Realty shows
There will be no audience on the sets of fictional shows and reality shows like The Kapil Sharma Show, Super Dancer and even, Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Reduction of extras on sets
No elaborate extravagant sequences such as marriage, market, mela or elaborate fights to be planned till COVID-19 threat subsides. Production houses to ensure minimum crew on premises. Junior artistes to be avoided in films and television.

Sanitisation and housekeeping
There will be daily fumigation of the sets and training of housekeeping staff from time to time. While there has been daily checking of temperatures of those working on set, it will also make space for hand sanitisation, sanitisation tunnels, doctors and nurses with an ambulance stationed outside. Wash basins and washrooms need to be sanitised from time to time.

Artiste management
Artistes shall be encouraged and supported to carry out most of their get-up at their residence and visit premises with minimal staff of one. Ideally the make-up and hairstyling of an artiste should be handled by the same person/staff. All trials and fittings shall be at their residence, where the look test and other nuances can be shared over video calls.

Talent and make-up
Talent and make up artists should wash their hands with soap before and after every session. Mix make-up on a disposable palette and if possible, use only one brush applicator per actor. Assign one brush to one actor. Avoid hair and make-up for secondary and backup actors. Face shield to be worn by hair and make-up artists. PPE must be worn during hair and make-up duration, which involves person-to-person contact

Editing and post production work
There has to be daily fumigation of sets and post production setup, including edit room. The edit rooms and floor should be sanitised daily. Hand sanitisers to be placed at prominent places. The same policy of 33 percent occupancy for editors in edit rooms and staggered shifts. Hand gloves, masks and face shield are compulsory in edit suites Equipment to be sanitised on opening and closing of the edit room and the accessories will be safely covered in plastic bags.

Casting and audition
Whenever possible, casting should be done remotely via FaceTime zoom or skype to utilise remote casting sessions and callbacks with broadcast capabilities. Schedule auditions and callbacks further apart due to social distancing. If hard copies are distributed, destroy the paper after each reading. Actors should also be encouraged to wait in their cars and not in the casting room. There is a suggestion that if there is a need to cast family in a show or a film, try to cast your own family members in the show to prevent outside contact. As for clothes, the actor can bring some from his own wardrobe that can be worn on shoot.

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