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We offer freedom of expression for emerging artists 


Founded in October 2016,  LifeArt Foundation ultimate aim is to inspire and promote Global Media makers offering them a canvas for freedom of expression and the tools to build the future of Media.​ The foundation primary goal is to provide a stable platform for Film, tv, web and VR filmmakers to present their work to global audiences and explore the world of Media.


The LifeArt Foundation mission is to establish a philanthropic identity as a cultural preserver and a fortified patron of literacy advancement in the fields of arts and humanities on a local and globalized level. 



  • to involve and serve the next generation of entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and advocates in its community to provide cause work opportunities.

  • to partner with authors and educators to inspire the public in the field of arts and humanities

  • to create and host innovative, educational conferences, panel discussions, digital productions through partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations.

  • to compile archival data and produce innovative material dedicated to cinematic history

  • to recognize and reward the unique skills of emerging artists.

  • to fulfill its philanthropic vision in order to preserve and enhance the culture of the arts in return.

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By bringing the entire community together, the LifeArt Festival welcomes over 30.000  attendees annually, providing them the platform to congregate and network in four different world renowned destinations. The Festival creates opportunities for the attendees (aged 15-75) to appear at the exciting movie premieres, music events and screenings of numerous exceptional films and be a part of educational panel discussions, workshops, and seminars, along with special events and priceless networking opportunities. LifeArt Festival awards both renowned productions and films just entering the screens and invites the doyens of the cinema and debutants alike, but most of all – invites viewers.



The Festival hosts award categories. Proud of our unique process, the award selections are made by our members of the jury. Scholars, artists, critics, and Festival’s trustees discuss, debate, and determine the most outstanding achievements of the year in their categories: best feature, best documentary, best short film, best web tv series, virtual reality and photography. 

The winner of the LifeArt Award earns a €55.000 value prize of goods and services sponsored by Nu Boyana Film Studios. To date, the Festival already counts over 600 submissions from 50 countries, such Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain Sweden, UK, USA, Turkey and many more countries. 

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The awarded artists gain unique attention to their work by extended  worldwide media coverage and Along with the abundance of great movies presented at the LifeArt Festival event come many of the movie makers themselves: renowned directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, and actors; their collective wealth of talent and wide experience range are truly priceless. Through a variety of expert panel presentations, discussions, workshops, and seminars, these artists provide festival attendees a unique opportunity for a glimpse inside the fascinating world of filmmaking on a professional level.

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Artists who have submitted their work will have the chance not only to attend  the events but share their projects on an international level by establishing mutually beneficial relationships. For them, the exceptional panel discussions and educational workshops enrich appreciation and business knowledge of filmmaking.  At the same time, they have the unique opportunity to showcase their work at the industry’s stakeholders and introduced to future distributors. Its a great opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best in the business our industry has to offer.

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Hosted in world-class venues in Athens, Santorini Greece, Los Angeles, California and now San Antonio, Texas. the LIFEART Festival‘s showcased feature films, shorts and documentaries from more than 50 countries. The competition films were in more than 25 languages and included Leonardo Di Caprio's "Before the flood", National Geographic's "The Story of Us" narrated by Morgan Freeman and "The Circle" starring Tom Hanks & Emma Watson, "Loving Pablo" with Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz, National Geographic's "Genius: Picasso" series with Antonio Banderas in the leading role.

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Through linking the groundbreaking talent of emerging filmmakers and exposing the community to the latest innovations in the cinema field, the LIFEART FESTIVAL exists as a cinematic, cultural patron. The Film Festival’s objective is to merge today’s filmmaking pioneers with the wealth of cinematic heritage by edifying and developing the cinematic community and enhancing the impact of the arts and humanities. The Festival provides a platform to new talented filmmakers, who lack the support of distributors and marketing campaign behind them, to display their work internationally.   

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Staff and volunteers working for LifeArt Festival have a great opportunity to collaborate with filmmakers from all over the world and get a deeper understanding on how the film industry and the New Media work nowadays.  



Los Angeles

Athens, Greece

San antonio, Texas

Santorini, Greece

New Delhi, India 

Lucknow, India

The City of Los Angeles, San Antonio, Athens and the island of Santorini , already welcomed and embraced LifeArt Festival.  


  • Festival’s activities in these iconic locations provide an international medium for social expression in the country, thus promoting city as a center of modern cultural exchange between artists and audiences from around world.


  • Enhance the economic growth of by encouraging local artists to pursue their endeavors, allowing for artists to reach the top of the entertainment industry.


  • Create a warm atmosphere that will encourage filmmakers, volunteers, and audiences to explore together the contemporary artistic scene of the cities.


  • Promote these cities as filming and events locations for the global film industry.


  • By hosting the highest-quality artistic events, the festival links modern art to the chain of global film culture. The hosting cities will be promoted by global Media as modern locations that bring people together to explore new cultures and celebrate creativity.

LifeArt Festival Tommy Calvert.png



Tommy Calvert – San Antonio Commissioner (Texas, USA)

Ministry of Tourism (Greece)

Municipality of Athens (Greece)

EKOME - National Center of AudioVisual Media and Communication (Greece)


Organisations / Institutions:

New York Film Academy (US) 

International Web TV Academy of Television (US)

China Film Archive (China)

LIKE  - European Regions and Cities for Culture (France)

Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation (Greece)

Peking University (China)

Michigan University (USA)

The Ohio State University (USA)

Leeds University (UK)

Nottingham University (UK)

Massey University (New Zealand)

Valladolid  University (Spain)

IES Santísima Trinidad Baeza (Spain)

Scriptwriters Guild (Greece)

Athens Information Technology (Greece)

Mediterranean Film Institute (Greece)

ASHOKA Greece (Greece)

IES Santísima Trinidad Baeza (Spain)

BAM – La Bottega di Antonio Manta (Italy)



Oliver Stone (Director & Scriptwriter )

Chris Cornell (musician)

Mikis Theodorakis' (Musician)

Evan Spiliotopoulos  (Screenwriter Hercules & Beauty & the Beast)

Ariel Vromen (Director)

Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Musician)

Patrick Tatopoulos (Production Designer, Director) Organisations:



Pune International Film Festival (India)

Art Carnuntum International Festival and Symposion (Austria)

Anima Syros international animation Festival

Drama International Short Fil Festival 




L.A. Confidential Magazine 

Angeleno Megazine

Cosmote TV

Pepper 96.6 fm

Travelling News

National Geographic Channel

Spentzos Film




Gate Productions (US)

General Shipping Services (Greece)

Atlas Maritime Ltd.(UK)

Circus Dayz – The Circus School of Athens (Greece)

Everbliss Music (Israel)

Songs to your Eyes (US)

Clap the Restaurant (US)



Oliver Stone (Director & Scriptwriter )

Chris Cornell (musician)

Mikis Theodorakis' (Musician)

Evan Spiliotopoulos  (Screenwriter Hercules & Beauty & the Beast)

Ariel Vromen (Director)

Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Musician)

Patrick Tatopoulos (Production Designer, Director) Organisations:



Nu Boyana Film Studios (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Zolotas House of Jewelry (Paris, France)

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