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Umbrella Dance For Hong Kong

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Hong Kong



WONG King Fai


WONG King Fai


WONG King Fai

Key Cast

MUI Chuek Yin

The Dance Film is concerning the Hong Kong history from 1997 to nowadays. The Hong Kong award-winning screenwriter and director WONG King Fai co-operated with the local top modern dancer and choreographer MUI Cheuk Yin to develop new film language by mixing the dance film with documentary. They were thinking how to develop the new aesthetics of Hong Kong in the times and how to show the courage of Hong Kong people to the world. The story is concerning the revolution history from Hong Kong was took over by Mainland China in 1997, The Umbrella Revolution in 2014, to the Water Revolution nowadays. The structure of the film is consist of three parts. In the first part, Mui discovered the umbrella, which was the symbol of HongKonger’s identity. In the second part, we could see Mui dancing with umbrella surrounded by evil power. And she was defeated by the unequal force. In the third part, Mui waked up to fight for freedom with her umbrella. Even though the evil force is full-gear and well equipped, Mui was not afraid. She was not sure whether the success would be come. But she never give up. She is brave. And the story of fighting for freedom is going on…

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