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Jaya Rathakrishnan


Jaya Rathakrishnan


Balraj Devandran

Key Cast

Eswari Gunasagar, Jabu Deen Faruk, Saravanan Ayyavoo, Kalpana Sivan , Raghadeepan, Balakrishna (Whi-t), Jothiletchmi Panir Selvam , Ambiga Krishnasamy, Baharudin, Nisha Satyamorthi, Bhavani Dev , Sivakumar Palakrishnan, Meera Balasubramanian, Pooja Punniyamoorthy , Kasturi Nair 

Thilaanaa is a rendition to the dance world. A story that speaks in a language only known and felt by the dancers living amongst us. In this universe, no dancer is ever forgotten so easily. Art continues to live and thrive here, as it pays its respect to dancers who silently pursue their passion despite constantly being faced with challenges. It continues to keep a lookout for those who have buried their passion, with echoing beats still ringing in one’s ears. Not to mention, the undying hope to rekindle the spark for those who have completely moved past it as well. Stepping into a universe built in the glory of dance, we meet Gitanjali first. At one glance, we see beauty and strength shining through her. But just like every other soul who shoulders a baggage, one that cannot be seen by the naked eyes, we learn that Gitanjali has not just lost the love of her life, she has begun to lose herself in the process as well. The passing of her soulmate has since turned into a tough pill to swallow. With high-functioning depression, everyday is a battle for Gitanjali, as she holds the fort. One for the world to believe and the other for her demons to exist. Having punished the light and free spirited dancer residing in her, Gitanjali finally embarks on a journey to relearn “Bharatam” (Indian Classical Dance) all over again, right from the basics. Eager to leave everything behind her, she flies off to India without any prior notice to family and friends.

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