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Naù Germoglio


Silvia Zanardi, Susanna Nasti, Naù Germoglio


Vincenzo Capobianco (Storiedichi Srl)

Key Cast

Andrea Buffolo, Masaru Kashiwagi, Alexandra van der Leeuw, Camilla Morelli

In a former warehouse on the ground floor of the civic number "2091", in the district of “Santa Croce” in Venice, two sculptors, a craftswoman and an alchemist-photographer work together. It is a 65 square meters space with two windows overlooking a small canal. It is called "STUDIO2091" and it is a unique example of creative co-working space where there is no wifi connection, the cellphones work very bad, there are no tables for meetings, nor computers. His "tenants" carry out only manual activities related to art and crafts. Each of them has a different reason to live in Venice, a beautiful and unique city, yet expensive, problematic, overrun by mass tourism and high tide. The photographer-alchemist Andrea Buffolo, who was born in Switzerland,is the only one who has spent almost all his life in the historical center of Venice. Japanese sculptor Masaru Kashiwagi chose to live in Venice 35 years ago, because he considers it the only city in the world perfect for an artist; the craftswoman Camilla Morelli was born and raised in Valtellina (a valley in the Lombardy region of northern Italy), and although she grew up in the mountains, she chose to live in Venice to enjoy the proximity to the sea; the Dutch painter and sculptor Alexandra Van der Leeuw lives on the island half of the year carrying on a family tradition. The four protagonists of the documentary film chose to live in Venice because here, and only here, they succeed in being themselves, realizing themselves and feeling free.

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