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Sleeping Eyes

LART4098 LifeArt, DA YIE.jpg


Korea, Republic of



Sojung Bahng, Sungeun Lee



Key Cast

This interactive VR piece reconstructs the experiences and dreams of a Korean artist (Sungeun Lee) suffering from narcolepsy. He didn’t know that he had narcolepsy until he returned from military service (2 years of military service is mandatory in South Korea for almost every man, but narcolepsy patients are excluded). He had to deal with violence and oppression from groups that required specific norms and order, such as high school and the army. His memories of violence were internalized in his unconsciousness and projected into his dreams and art. The work uses VR, which reminds the viewer of the fundamental characteristics of dreams and invites audiences to engage in his unconscious dream world. The work aims to elicit the reflexive understanding of narcolepsy, which is not well known to our society and encourages critical reflection on objectified, violent perceptions based on social ignorance about neurological disorders.

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