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Planet Blue - Journey to Eco

LART4098 LifeArt, DA YIE.jpg


United States



Rickey Boyd


Victoria Lauren


Victoria Lauren, Mike Halsey , Randall Saba , Don Culwell

Key Cast

Victoria Lauren , Rickey Boyd , Luke Drewell , Mayor Buddy Dyer , Nikola Vucevic, Kerry Butler

While Wizard the Blue Dart Frog tries to find his new home and searches for his friend Frazzie the monkey, Toucan Petey and Blinky the Tree Frog walk through the rainforest, now bare from deforestation and wildfires. Despite Frazzie’s directions, Blinky is certain they are lost! He hops onto Toucan Petey’s back and the two fly away, searching for Frazzie. In outer space, Frazzie visits NBA star Nikola Vucevic on the Eco Space Station, needing advice on how to save the rainforest. Nikola teaches Frazzie about conservation and awareness: it’s the only way to save what’s left of the rainforest and help it regrow. Before he leaves, Nikola encourages Frazzie to save and heal the rainforest. As Planet Blue and Sunny Sun orbit each other, they near the Eco Space Station. Toucan Petey and Blinky journey to the space station, happily greeting Frazzie and explaining how they got lost. Suddenly, they hear a strange noise coming from the vortex door. It’s Wizard! He hops in, waving at his friends and happily eats a lighting bug. Pondering how to save the rainforest, Frazzie suggests asking Planet Blue, who appears outside the space station with Sunny Sun. Warning them that the rainforest is disappearing at rapid rates, Planet Blue asks everyone to help. Even Sunny Sun must keep shining on him and help the forest to regrow. Inspired, Frazzie promises to save the rainforest! He leaves with Toucan Petey and Blinky, before reappearing to ask Wizard to join them. Wizard follows Frazzie, but not before eating another lighting bug!

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