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Dark Matter

LART4098 LifeArt, DA YIE.jpg


United States



Brian Thomas



Brian Rubiano

Key Cast

Desmond Richardson (Main Character), Moses Alcid (Supporting), Brit Hay (Supporting)

Dark Matter is a film that presents riddles that we as humans need to go through for it to be fully realized. If there were no wrong ,how would you recognize the right ? Without recognizing the sin, how would you know if it’s a virtue? Without the existence of evil deeds, how would you recognize goodness? In the depths of UNBOUNDED POTENTIAL (Moses Alcid) a spark of curiosity gave birth to PRESENCE (Desmond Richardson). On his (PRESENCE) journey he moves through “Dark Matter” , one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Opposing this is FEAR (Brit Hay) that manifests herself (FEAR) relentlessly scratching at the surface of his (PRESENCE) mind. PRESENCE must face this force, become one with it and transcend towards his highest self. Dark Matter tells a story of a soul going through the pathways of darkness in order for it to progress towards a higher plane of existence. Light can only be seen upon attainment of the highest level of our evolution. Light can only be fully appreciated because of its co-existence with darkness. Hence, DARK MATTER...

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