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The Awakening Hour

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nicola zambelli

लेखकों के

Nicola Zambelli


कुंजी कास्ट

Davide Sforzini

"Nurtures the dawn of a new life He who protects from the wounds of a world long gone Transforms the community into new world Whoever blooms anew in the souls of time In the care of Self as in the care of the Other.” "The Awakening Hour" is an artistic-poetic tribute addressed to the city of Brescia, made on the occasion of the end of the lock-down caused by the epidemic covid-19 that tragically marked the city - together with Bergamo - with one of the hardest hits in Europe. It is an invitation to contemplate the outer and inner beauty that belongs to us, but at the same time it is an incentive to look with confidence towards the future and to share as a form of resilience. The film consists of five acts, marked by five verses, and sees as the protagonist the figure of an imaginary guardian who, after waking up on a flowery lawn, makes an imaginary journey within the artistic and historical heritage of the city; a journey that sheds new light on the cultural meanings of the places, establishes symbolic relations with the works kept in museums and reminds each one of us as the custodian of the common space that lives there, of the collective life to which it participates and to the growth of which it can contribute. The five acts are preceded by a documentary prologue that places the journey of the custodian in the historical moment in which the performance takes place and emotionally names the period just elapsed.

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