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The Abnorms

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Les Zig

लेखकों के

Les Zig


Stuart Jaymes

कुंजी कास्ट

Seth Kannof, Ben-Thomas Murphy, Tony Nicholas, Maria Tevelis, Tom Vogel, Vicky Wanless

A world in turmoil. People are hysterical. Death lurks in every shadow. What is going on? There are the common stories distributed for public consumption. There are narratives unfurled that tangle everybody up in confusion and despair. There are conspiracies pushed as distractions from the truth. But Shadow knows. Shadow is searching. Shadow is looking for those who see -- or are seeing -- what he sees. This is the beginning of his collection – the road to enlightenment, and the introduction to a very real horror that lurks on the edge of our periphery and stretches from this world to the beyond. The truth is not what you think.

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