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Sofiene Mamdi

लेखकों के

Sofiene Mamdi


Sofiene Mamdi

कुंजी कास्ट

Sofiene Mamdi, Constantin Leu, Cécile Fisera, Julien Romano, Solène Salvat, Macha Isakova, Lara Mistretta

Alexander, a young actor, has been falling for a few months into a spiral of self-destruction, becoming strongly addicted to alcohol and drugs. One night, he is stabbed by drug dealers and almost dies. To get out of his addictions he wrote the scenario of a film "Spiral" close to autofiction where he would play the main role of 'Daniel'. Olivier Rainer, a director whom he admires, agrees to direct the movie and make Alexander pass screen tests while rewriting the script by incorporating elements of the personal life of the actor. Alexander wishing to exorcise his demons and reach his catharsis will follow Olivier unconditionally in a blistering adventure where reality and fiction merge.

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