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Lights Camera Aliens

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United States



Dean Lachiusa

लेखकों के

Dean Lachiusa


Dean Lachiusa

कुंजी कास्ट

Kari Stephens, Juliet Rose, Yvonne Crystal, Sarah Sorensen, Robert Phelps

"A gang of Sci-Fi nerds embark on a Television adventure, and discover a manufactured reality…" Synopsis-Long: Planet Wonko is too close to the Sun, and it's been irradiated. People on Planet Wonko communicate through digital video recordings. The government monitors and televises all video. Dani and Dodi are very active video-communicators, but not as good as Czarconia. She's a big TV star, and her ego is big too. Czarconia's act is so good in fact, that she convinces a group of Sci-Fi nerds that she really does talk to Aliens from another dimension. Her beautiful, sexy nerd-friends soon follow Czarconia on all her adventures, but then something happens. They become confused over what is real and what is simply a television dream-world. The nerds get rebellious, and they decide that they can do a better TV show without Czarconia. Before you know it...everyone has a camera...everyone's on TV...and everyone's doing wacky stuff (on Planet Wonko) to get attention. Who knew Planet Wonko could be so...Wonko?

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