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Julián Lona

लेखकों के

Julián Lona


Jorge Daniel Gómez Coronado - Virginia Acosta

कुंजी कास्ट

Elian Chali , César González, Marlene Wayar, Nicolás Cuello , Romina Castiñeira, Ignacio Molto , Cj Carballo , Félix San Martín

Elian Chali is an Argentinian artist who has created works of art in over 30 countries. The documentary aims to portray the protagonist while exposing different areas in which he performs. The film not only accompanies him during the creation of murals, exhibits and curatorships in several countries, but also challenges the established social parameters since Elian, who was born with dissident body, has lived and lives outside both ideological and physical norms. The director followed the artist for two years, this documentary is the result of that process.

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