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United States



Dan Ramm

लेखकों के

Will Reyes , Dan Ramm


Dan Ramm, Dan Schmidt

कुंजी कास्ट

Gwyneth Galvin, Dan Ramm

Adopted from the published poetry of Will Reyes, this project was created to maximize mental health awareness and decimate the associated stigmas on an international level. The script is an adaptation of poems from "Lost In Life's Ocean" by Will Reyes, woven into a four intersecting storylines. It is 8 minutes and 20 seconds--because we wanted experiencing the film to correspond directly, in real-time, to the 500-second journey of fresh sunlight escaping the surface of the sun and making its way millions of miles across the universe to us. So that by the end of the film, the audience will have been provided with a brand new generation of light to guide their way out of darkness and ignite a flame in their hearts.

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