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Software Developer

LifeArt Global Media Festival is a multimedia festival that celebrates Life, Art & Films with unique events. Hosted in world class venues, the festival offers a compelling combination of the international art scene and a journey of film discovery. It is ranked 1st among USA companies for event organisers.
We are looking to hire a skilled Software developer/Coder to design and implement attractive and functional website. You will be responsible for both back-end and front-end development including the implementation of WordPress themes plugins as well as site integration and security updates.


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Chandpur Uttar Pradesh




May 15, 2022



• Gather, organize, and evaluate all required data of lifeArt platforms
• Should be able to create dynamic pages, forms creation tec. Should manage & organize data lists and membership in specific categories as per the requirement.
• Illustrate web concepts using process flows and sitemaps.
• Should know installing and updating templates using code for LifeArt app, NFT Marketplace etc.
• Should have knowledge on how to create different functions using code for NFT, Bidcoin (Buy & Sell), wallet etc.
• Will be responsible for creation, updating and maintenance of website and pages.
• Should know how to set an updated response.
• Design graphic user interface elements such as menus, tabs and widgets
• Conceptualize, plan, and develop custom WordPress themes and plugins.
• Assist other marketing teams where needed (e.g. Google Analytics, CRO audits, etc).
• Modify sites that could be in various platforms (e.g. Shopify, WordPress & Wix, etc).
• Optimize sites for performance, SEO, etc.
• Prepare and present drafts to internal teams and management.
• Identify and troubleshoot UX problems (e.g. responsiveness)
• Conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback
• Adhere to brand style standards on fonts, colors and images
• Extensive knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS preprocessors, such as SASS, and frameworks such as Bootstrap.
• Portfolio of web development projects
• Excellent time-management and proactive problem.

Developer/Coder Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science/bachelor’s in engineering, master’s in engineering, B. Tech or a similar field.
• Proven work experience as a Software developer.
• Knowledge of front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery.
• Experience working with debugging tools such as Chrome Inspector and Firebug.
• Ability to manage projects.
• Good communication skills.

• Opportunity to with the biggest Event Company in the world.
• The chance to help us shape the strategy of LifeArt Festival.
• Excellent career opportunities
LOCATION: Chandpur Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh/ Remote

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