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Sueños de la Calle (Dreams of the Streets)

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United States



Cynthia Hernandez


Cynthia Hernandez


Maria Jorjezian

Key Cast

Dominic Baca, Sebastian Betencur, Jamill Zraikat, Rachel Serada Barth

Set in Los Angeles we are taken through the neighborhood where Jax (20s) and Mateo (16) live. Although they are from the same family both brothers had a different upbringing. Mateo being a young kid in high school has the main focus is academics and track. As for Jax growing up he didn’t have the same kind of support and is drawn into the neighborhood drug and gang culture. This affects the family dynamic by sudden attention for money and difference in behavior that raises questions for Mateo as he looks up to Jax for guidance. Between giving his younger brother advice and the actions he does Jax starts to quickly receive death threats from the head local drug dealer for not providing the right amount of money. With no change of ways, Jax continues to drug deal ignoring the threat. A little too late he tries to mend his mistakes, but the drive for the money didn’t come close to the tragic results that came his way.

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