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The Invisible Line - America's Nazi Experiment

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Emanuel Rotstein

लेखकों के


Emanuel Rotstein

कुंजी कास्ट

Ron Jones, Mark Hancock, Deanna Jones, Debbie Berry, Jo Ann Gasaway, Phil Neel, Steve Coniglio, Russel Mulock, Alyssa Hess reit

The documentary tells the story of The Third Wave, an experimental social movement created by history teacher Ron Jones in 1967 to explore how the German population could accept the actions of the Nazis. His daring social investigation succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, creating a fascist state on campus spiralling out of control. The documentary features exclusive interviews with teacher Ron Jones, his wife Deanna, and seven of the original Third Wave students. The events were adapted by TV movies, theatre plays and turned into a bestselling novel.

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